6 May 2011

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Genderqueer FONSFAQ Master List

I have been reading [personal profile] pipisafoat’s Genderqueer FONSFAQ, in particular the sections on presentation and pronouns. I...thought that zie gave me a good springboard with which to discuss the matter of my own genderqueer identity, presentation, and language. This is from the perspective of a member of a plural system, particularly someone who is an active participant and decision-maker.

I am both agendered and androgynous: I do not feel that I have a gender, and I exhibit characteristics that this culture would define as being both masculine and feminine, so you could say that I am “androgynous,” but I feel that my behaviour is simply my being a person, rather than my deriving such behaviour from gendered cultural norms. I like what I like, and it is a reflection of who I am, independent of any gender identity. Politically, I view myself as genderqueer, because I do not identify with the gender binary, and want to create safer spaces for people who do not think that the current bipolar conceptualisation of gender matches their identity. All of these terms describe me: agendered, genderqueer, genderless, androgynous.

I express this, to an extent, in nonplural social contexts in which the atmosphere is obviously favourable towards nonbinary gender identities. While I usually do not talk about being totally genderless (after all, most of my headmates do most certainly have a gender), I do identify myself as genderqueer, and mention that “I” occasionally “fluctuate” to a more neutral identity. It is not strictly true, because I never fluctuate to a gendered position, but when there are several different people presenting as one, we feel that we have to compromise linguistically in order to accommodate people without feeling as though they are “lying.”
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