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木家 (treehouse) ([personal profile] there) wrote in [personal profile] haleskarth 2011-05-07 06:31 am (UTC)

For me, this body would not meet my androgyny criteria whether it was transitioned or NOT

(You don't really know me, but I followed your other FONSFAQ article/do know Kerry.) I keep wanting to write about this specific issue with being agendered, or at least, what I think you're referring to here, because I am frequently frustrated with there really being no option for me. So I'm kinda glad you at least touched on it. I'm not really that dysphoric about my body (which is female), but it's almost out of... lack of options, more than really liking the way my presentation is. I could choose to present more solidly "androgynous," but I'm not actually androgynous in the sense of being between male and female either. And my stylistic tastes tend to veer more towards the characteristically feminine. Which is then sort of weird because it looks like I'm cisgendered-- I choose feminine things, and I am sexed as a female, so what's the issue? Except I'm not really, so yeah. Regardless of what body I was in, whether I had surgery or didn't, I'd feel it wasn't really right, since I can't really reach a place where people aren't still going to try to assign me as male or female.

Anyway, I've gone on a ramble in the comments, but basically... agreed? I also hadn't seen Mx before, but I do kind of like that. My original plan (when I was like, six) had been to get a Ph.D. thus forcing people to call me the neutral Dr. Before I grew up and realized I don't want a Ph.D. and that's a silly reason to get one. But I could probably deal with Mx. And I also kind of throw up my hands with regards to pronouns. It is not worth it to me, mentally, to force people to use neutral pronouns for me, though I think if it were less of a big deal, I'd ask for it.

/rambling in your comments

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