haleskarth: A purple flower. (Read that book.)
Noël ([personal profile] haleskarth) wrote 2011-05-07 08:46 pm (UTC)

Hello! I recognise you from Kerry's journal.

Ah, yes. In my case, I come across as a "guy" who enjoys wearing non-"butch" clothing, stylistically, which does not highlight the androgyny, but it is also a "safe" choice. People, unfortunately, seem to be quite eager to categorise people as being one or the other, and having a highly feminine (or masculine) presentation can throw such people off. If you transitioned, for instance, people would start classifying you as male, which is still...a gendered identity, even if it is not the one you were assigned.

Your rambling is fine! I thought what you were saying was insightful. :)

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