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I am honestly surprised that there is not an autistic-spectrum FONSFAQ for 3 Weeks for Dreamwidth, and I do not think I have the time or energy to host one myself.

I do, though, want to discuss how nonlinear thinking affects the way in which I write, and how the process of translating conceptual, vaguely verbal ideas into coherent written structures works, at least for me. In some ways, this applies to everyone; in others, it does not. Some people tend to be able to convert the ideas more quickly than others; for others, the translation time is quite slow, and there can sometimes be a significant "latency period."

When I have something to write, I start off with concepts that are connected in my mind, like "selfhood," "plurality," and "gender identity." (I use these examples, because that is the content of the paper I am working on, at least in a broader sense.) It is a whole being filled in with its parts: general to specific. The concepts are there; it is a matter of translation, reinterpretation, and conversion to change "Noëlese" to coherent, readable thoughts to share with others. The thoughts exist in cognitive groupings that make sense to me, and can be organised into an essay, but they would be more difficult to follow for someone other than me (or some of my headmates) unless I reorganise them. For instance, the paper that Kerry and I are writing has already been "finished," conceptually, in our head, but there has been a significant amount of "latency" involved.
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